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CloudFeel 7" Mattress

CloudFeel 7" Mattress

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🌿 Luxurious Comfort and Innovative Design 🌿

Experience the epitome of comfort with our 7-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress. It is designed to provide superior support and rapid heat dispersion, it ensures a cooler night’s sleep. Without the traditional springs, our revolutionary design offers orthopedic benefits and relieves muscle pain.

🌿 Hygienic and Green Features 🌿

The AirFeel Mattress comes with a removable and washable cover, ensuring both hygiene and convenience. No more worries about dust mites—the mattress is treated with anti-dustmite properties. Its enhanced breathability further promotes a healthier sleep environment. Plus, our commitment to eco-friendly materials aligns with your desire for a greener lifestyle.

🌿 Convenient and Value-Driven 🌿

Lightweight and easy to shift are why we chose the AirFeel Mattress. Value transcends mere price, it is affordable yet promises rejuvenation, health, and well-being like no other. 🌿🛏️

🌿 Safety Certifications Acquisition 🌿

🎖️ CertiPUR-US - Ensures that the foam used in the mattress meets strict environmental and health standards.

🎖️ CertiPUR-EUR - Similar to CertiPUR-US, this certification guarantees the absence of harmful substances.

🎖️ OEKO TEX® Standard 100 SHHO 060330 TESTEX - This certification verifies that the materials are free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

⭐️ Specification:

✅ 7 Inch

✅ Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam at the top layer

✅ High-Density Resilient Foam

✅ Orthopedic design to relieve muscle pain

✅ Removable & Washable Cover

✅ Anti dustmite

✅ Enhanced breathability design

✅ Rolled and vacuum-packed

✅ No springs design

✅ Safety Certifications Acquisition


10 years warranty

⭐️Size (width x height x depth)

Single - 90 x 190 x 18cm

Queen - 150 x 190 x 18cm

King - 180 x 190 x 18cm

* Please note that there may be a slight discrepancy in measurements, with a potential variance of approximately ±1cm.

⭐️ Care & Maintenance:

The mattress cover is removable, hand-washed / machine-washed with mild soap, and then hung to dry completely. The cover must be completely dry before it is put back on the mattress.


Why get it???

Tired of sleeping-area or play-area stress? Bulky and heavy mattresses no solution for you? Free yourself from the burden of traditional mattresses, and get the ultimate hospitality and playtime enhancer! AirFeel's Tri-Fold Mattress offers an easy and versatile solution for any situation. No matter who's visiting or what your space is like, this mattress has got you covered! Make 'em comfortable, make 'em happy...with AirFeel!


✅ Easy for Storage
You can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you're hosting guests or your kids need a soft and safe play area, our mattress covers you.

✅ Pressure Relief
Pressure Relief Experience the bliss of restful sleep, with elite cushioning that's tailored to your individual needs for a hug-like feel.

✅ Removable and Washable Jersey
A mattress cover that's as easy to refresh as it is to maintain. Keep your mattress looking and feeling fresh—no sweat!


5 Years Warranty:

Protects against all manufacturing and workmanship defects. It's a perfect night's sleep, every night, guaranteed. No surprises here - just restful bliss!

Care & Maintenance

The mattress's outer cover is removable and can be hand washed with mild soap and then hung to dry completely. If washed, the cover must be completely dry before it is put back on the mattress.

Care should be taken to avoid spills or moisture, which will be absorbed by the visco-elastic foam if not properly protected.

MLILY mattresses are designed with a single sleeping surface, so they do not require flipping. 

Your mattress must be supported by a firm, flat foundation for safety and comfort.

All our foams are analysed by an accredited, independent testing laboratory to meet strict guidelines and standards for content, emissions, and durability.

* Issued by CertiPUR-US program of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam in 2019.

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